Buying Property whole communities at a time.

Improving Profitability with large Property Investments projects to stabilize your portfolio income


We recommend buying as many doors as you can afford. Why? Because the more doors (income sources) you have, the more stable your investment income. To achieve this, think not only about your cash reserves but also equity locked in your home, your IRA and stocks & bonds (that have proved a bit dubious recently). To get the best results out of property investing, there are a number of things you have to get right. Having Multiple doors or a diverse and deep portfolio),  we will describe in more detail throughout the site.

  1. Leverage! We’re amazed how many people say they “only pay cash for their investment properties”. Long story short, people who don’t leverage (correctly) with borrowed funds will never make the big bucks. Call or Email to see how we can double your returns through leverage.
  2. Although everyone focuses on cash on cash returns think about this, cash flow income increases your wealth BUT you lose a large % of it to IRS because it’s ‘realized income’ whereas principal reductions (IRR) on the loan are also increasing your wealth BUT you’re not paying tax it’s unrealized gains and, of course, by speeding up principal reduction you pay less interest which also makes you more money.
  3. There are only two ways to earn 15-20%+ out of the property, A) buy in a C/D neighborhood and hope vacancies and maintenance don’t kill your investment returns or B) buy brand-new and use bank funds to leverage your way to 15-20% cash ROIs. Of course, we think option B is the best.
  4.  The right location. There is a good reason for the expression you only need to get three things right in real estate and they are location, location, location.