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Estero Developments LLC  &  Buller River Developments LLC

Investing requires research and Real Estate Investing requires more research but the returns are larger. This is some of the logic we use when deciding where to build investment properties?

When we look for US cities to invest in, there are a number of ‘essential elements’ we need to see. In particular, a stable and/or increasing population, city infrastructure, several fortune 500 companies, good employment stats etc. But most importantly, we want to see money being spent locally by the City, business, and industry.

The Real Estate investment opportunities in the United States are enormous, so how should you decide to invest in real estate? Here are some of the factors we use and the reason, why investing with Estero Properties is such a wise investment strategy.

Strangely it’s not as hard as you think, we start at the end and work backward to meet the requirements of income potential we seek for our investors. We use our magic mix to eliminate the places we know not to go to and we grind the number down until there’s not that many choices left. We then add a few other factors till we look eye to eye with our mutually beneficial locations to build the empire of wealth while serving a critical need in the marketplace.

Not sure what or where to invest, let us help you!