The ‘Yes’ areas Invest with us and you will experience the YES in Real estate and Property Investments. Have an economic reason for being there and has an attractive tax system for business and investment.

• Stable employment, strong rental market affordable house prices relative to rents (ie rent/purchase price equals investment yield)

• Have several large, business base, manufacturing, Fortune 500 Companies and others who are investing in infrastructure to create jobs and growth.

• Multi-billion dollar diversified economies. A good example would be, Columbia South Carolina whose GDP will hit $38 Billion in 2016 with better than average growth in future years. Let us do your research and lets work together to provide a safe haven for your investments and profitable returns from your investment properties.

The ‘No’ areas ( We cant give away all our trade secrets but ……)

We generally avoid areas too far north. The winter cold in these regions can significantly increase vacancy and/or maintenance costs. Likewise, if you go too far south where it’s warmer but they can get beaten up by hurricanes. If you go to far west is into California where the weather climate is great but state taxes and compliance costs are not, and their high property prices push yields down. It tends to be the same deal if you go too far east into New York where prices are high but CAP rates are not.  Cities in decline or that have gone broke like Detroit. The Mid-US states that get hit regularly by tornados. (tornado alley)