• We help our US Buyers with their Fannie Mae loans and offer loan help for Intl Buyers.
  • We guarantee to place the first tenant in the property in a 1-2 yr lease within 30 – 90 days of close.
  • We engage only the most professional property managers at discounted rates to manage your property and tenant.
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Find out more about our Property Managers:

BANK LOANS/LEVERAGE: Follow this link to see how your investment returns can more than double simply by using the bank’s money.

STATED ROIs – Important
  1. Whilst the stated ROIs are believed to be true and correct, Investors should nevertheless do their own research to verify net income to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the stated ROIs.
  2. The true return on investment capital is the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) NOT the Cash ROI as many investors believe.